Application of hotel reservation for NAO-Asia 2016


We have held some of hotel accommodations in Niigata city for participants in NAO-Asia2016. In the first week of August, almost all hotels in Niigata city are fully booked up because of summer festivals. We shall recommend all participants to submit an application for booking a hotel through this page.

You are required to complete the registration for NAO-Asia2016. Without registration, anyone will not be allowed to stay at our hotels. After we receive an application of accommodation which you submit through this page, we will issue its reference number and send it to you by e-mail. We will submit the list of participants with reference numbers to each hotel. Then you can contact your hotel and reconfirm your application with the reference number to book your room. You should pay the hotel charge for your accommodation fee by yourself.

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Hotel and room selection

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Check-in and Check-out

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