Numerical methods for spectral problems: theory and applications

▶ 2 - 4 September, 2019   RIMS, Kyoto, Japan


Mini-symposium on Verified Computing and Computer-Assisted Proof


Before the workshop "Numerical methods for spectral problems: theory and applications", we  have a mini-symposium on the topic of verified computing and computer-assisted proof.  People are recommeded to attend both the workshop and the mini-symposium.



  • ▪August 31: Early registration (canncel)
  • ▪September 1: Regular session
  • ▪September 1, evening: Welcome party 





  • ▪Xuefeng LIU, Niigata University
  • ▪Sekine kota, Toyo University
  • ▪Tanaka Kazuaki, Waseda University



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